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The Pythonic Staff of Enlightenment: PyCon AU 2018 Special Edition!

We've previously discussed Enstaved's genesis at PyCon AU 2016 where the Pythonic Staff of Enlightenment was first wielded in public.

Fast-forward 2 years and Enstaved is now shipping customised, modular props (Pythonic and otherwise) to all corners of the globe! So we thought it would be fun to use the shop.enstaved.com staff designer to create something a bit special for PyCon AU 2018.


The Pythonic Staff of Enlightenment: PyCon AU 2018 Special Edition!



PyCon AU Site Chair and Python Software Foundation Director Katie McLaughlin took time out of her busy schedule to help us come up with a rather spiffy green-and-gold colour scheme and custom lettering.


Enstaved was also happy to be able to give back to PyCon AU by pledging our support as an official Contributor! We were more than a little chuffed to see our name up on the presentation screens in between the various talks, which were informative, entertaining and relevant as always.



We're pleased to report that The Staff was very well-received by Katie and the PyCon AU team.


...though perhaps two Pythonic Staves of Enlightenment is a little too much power for any one Pythonista?


This pair of PyCon AU Pythonic Staves were donated as prizes for the winners of the People's Choice award for Best Lightning Talk on Saturday and Sunday. It was great to see these idiomatic implements go home with two very worthy new owners. Congrats Felicity and Libbie!


If you'd like to create your own customised Pythonic Staff themed for your local PyCon, meetup or organisation visit our web shop and get designing! While spreading Enlightenment to all you enounter you'll also be helping Python to grow as 10% of the sale price of every Pythonic Staff sold goes directly to the PSF.


Thanks to Katie 1, Katie 2, the many wonderful presenters and all of the other amazing people who made PyCon AU 2018 such an unmitigated success. Not only as a place of learning and discovery but also of inclusion and community.

See you all at PyCon AU 2019!


James the Tech Monkey

James the Tech Monkey

As the Enstaved co-founder who knows tech, James is usually busy trying to find useful Open Source software so that he doesn't have to code it himself. But when he does hack, it's usually in Python.

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