• Can I get X/Y/Z modelled onto a staff?
    Sure! Our in-house designer can model almost anything. Contact us and tell us what you're after.
  • I have a thing I've already done. Can you put it on a staff for me?
    Absolutely! If you can supply us with a parasolid or .stl file, we can turn it into a staff.
  • Why wouldn't I just model something myself and print it out at home?
    Hey - go for it! That's how we started! For those who don't have access to a 3D printer, world-class Industrial Design skills and loads of spare time - that's where we come in.
  • Why are they so expensive?
    We don't mass-produce our staves. Each one is commissioned and unique and we want them that way. We could get staves made up in batches of 10,000 but we'd much prefer to create fully customized, interesting pieces on demand.
  • I really like Staff X. Can I have it in a different colour and with a few different staff parts?
    Yes! All of our staves can be completely customized in our shop.
  • Are you going to do any staves based on Cool Thing X?
    Maybe? If you have any ideas for cool designs feel free to let us know. We might even bring them to life!
  • Can I beat my friends up with these?
    Please don't. The staves may be awesome but they're not really suited for blunt force trauma. If you really need to hit your friends, try a lump of balsa wood instead.
  • "Staffs" or "Staves"?
    Apparently they're both correct. But we thing Staves sounds cooler.